Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beers at the Church Brew Works

After eating lunch the other day. Me and some companions stopped in the Church Brew Works for a couple of beers. 
The Church Brew Works is an old Catholic Church that has been converted into a brewery/bar/restaurant. Where the altar used to be located, is now where the brewing tanks are. The beers they produce are of the highest quality, and the food I have eaten their in the past has been excellent as well. 
Alter/Brew Tanks
I'm always amazed at the architecture when I go to Church Brew Works. The cathedral ceiling are majestic and the stained glass is some of the most beautiful that you will find. Some of my crazy Catholic friends feel almost sacrilegious as they drink beer in this beautiful building.
Epic Stained Glass at the Brew Works
Me and my companions ordered three beer samplers. Each sampler has eight 5oz samples of all the beers that they currently have on tap. It comes in a little pricey at $14.50, but it is a great way to sample all of their beers. 
Beer Sampler $14.50

Some of the beers in the sampler included Pious Monk Dunkel, Millennium Trippel, and my personal favorite Celestial Gold. Celestial Gold is a pilsner style lager that goes down smoother then any beer I have ever had.
The Bar area with the beer storage tanks

In the future I can guarantee their will be a full review of the food they serve at the Church. In the meantime, head down there for some of the best beer made right here in Pittsburgh.

Church Brew Works

3525 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15201
412-688-8200 | fax 412-688-8201 |

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