Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bella Ria's


Everyone should have a greasy spoon/diner that can be their go-to place for good cheap eats. Well Bella Ria's is mine. Bella Ria's is not a whole lot to look at. Hell, its in the same building as a drive-thru beer distributor. The interior is sparsely decorated with the highlight being a nice framed picture of Led Zeppelin smoking and drinking coffee.

 But you know, I am not here for fancy ass decor. I'm here for a good meal at a good price. This is where Bella Ria's Delivers.
 The service is quick, attentive, and friendly. Most of the time you will be waited on by one of the owners daughters.

Blueberry Pancakes $6.50

 For breakfast you cant go wrong with any of their variety of pancakes.Big, light, and fluffy, with a generous amount of blueberries, the blueberry pancakes were top notch. They came accompanied with perfectly cooked crispy bacon.

Corned Beef Hash $7.99
  This corned beef hash is definitely not from a can. Its tender cooked pieces of potato,corned beef, and onion, topped with 2 eggs cooked to your liking. This has to be one of my favorite breakfast dishes. The flavors mesh so well, and everyone who tries it says "I am getting that next time".

Chicken Panini $6.99
   For lunch you cant go wrong with any of their sandwiches. The chicken panini is a great place to start. Grilled chicken, spinach, mozzarella, sun dried tomato, and red onion in between a grilled piece of focacia bread. The chicken was tender and juicy, while the sun dried tomato added flavor complexity and some tang.

Royale with Cheese $7.50
   John Travolta would be proud of this burger (Pulp Fiction reference). Now I don't say this lightly, but this burger is one of the best in Pittsburgh. It's a 1/2 pound burger, crispy onions, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and special sauce. Mine was cooked perfectly medium as requested. This burger is juicy, tasty, and big enough to satisfy a very hungry appetite.

 So if your in the area stop in Bella Ria's. They also have tasty dinner specials. The crab stuffed salmon dish I had the one time, was probably the best salmon dish I ever had. Located on RT 19 right above North Hills High Schools Martorelli Field, make sure you don't miss this hidden gem.


Bella Ria's   8.5/10

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