Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bob's Sub

  A lot of competition out there recently, when it comes to Hoagies aka subs, grinders,etc. The latest to branch out into the Pittsburgh area is Bob's Sub. Bob's is an institution in the college towns of Slippery Rock and Clarion just North of Pittsburgh. A few years ago a couple of young guys bought the stores and started to expand south into the Pittsburgh area. So lets see how they stack up.

   Bob's subs come in three sizes. The largest being the senior which measures in at 13" at a modest $7.95. All the subs come on locally made Stagnos rolls, which are also nicely toasted.

 My wife tried the cotton candy shake which was surprisingly good. The pretzel stick adds some needed saltiness to the sweetness.

  The Roast Beef Sub was very good. Loaded with roast beef and fresh veggies. If you get the sub "Bob's Way" it comes with Italian dressing, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and provolone cheese. Word of warning, they love to slather the mayo on their subs. While I love mayo, even I found the amount to be a tad excessive. So I recommend asking them to be light on the mayo. The crusty Stagnos bread is an excellent delivery vehicle for all the meat and veggies.

  Bob's Cheesesteak was just as good. You can customize your toppings, and my wife added pepper rings and mushrooms to her sandwich.

  Having been to Bob's twice now, I must say that I was impressed with both the value and quality. Why the hell anyone would even consider going to a Subway when you have places like Bob's , Dibellas, and Jersey Mikes, is beyond me.

 So give Bob's a try, its one of the best sandwich places going.

( The Bob's I went to, is brand new and located at Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum)

 My friend and Pittsburgh DJ legend, AJ, brought to my attention that this is not owned by the original shop in Slippery Rock and that there is a lot of legal wrangling going on. An older article explaining the situation.     http://triblive.com/news/butler/3429820-74/shop-bob-sub#axzz3p26g0zaU

RATING     8/10 

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