Thursday, July 7, 2011

Young's Custard Stand

Young's Custard Stand
 Young's, located a few miles west of Zelienople, has been serving custard for over 40 years and not much has changed from when they first opened. Young's rose to international fame in the movie The Prince of Pennsylvania, when legendary actor Keanu Reeves (ok I am using legendary a little loosely) threw a trash can through one of the windows at Young's.  Young's specializes in custard which is similar to soft serve. The difference is that it is a lot thicker and creamier due to the addition of eggs and a lower air content.

 Young's has all the treats that you would find at your typical Ice Cream Stand. Milk shakes, sundaes, etc. They run three flavors of custard at a time with chocolate and vanilla always on the menu. The other flavor rotates every three days, and happened to be banana when I visited. Some of the other rotating custard flavors I have seen include, pistachio, peach, raspberry, and maple.
 Young's also serves burgers and hot dogs, though I honestly have never seen anyone eating them. The star of the show is the custard and it really does not get any better then what Young's serves. Rich, thick, and flavorful, it is terrific custard. The malts are delicious as well. Its always a battle on whether to get a custard cone or a vanilla malt when I go to Young's.
A Small Banana Custard
   So do yourself a favor if your up North of Pittsburgh. Stop at Young's and enjoy some of the best cold sweet treats in the area. WARNING: lines can be pretty long on Friday and Saturday nights, but ya its worth it.

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