Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oriental Market

 Went back to the Oriental Market on Mcknight Road the other day and took some pics.The prices at this place are dirt cheap, especially compared to the prices at  local mega grocery store chain Giant Eagle. The selection of Asian foods is also the largest I have seen in Pittsburgh. This even in comparison to the Asian grocery stores down in the Strip District. So if your going to be making an Asian style meal, the Oriental Market is a must stop destination.

Grass Jelly Drink? Maybe next time

Frozen whole wabbits 

Asian Bakery. Most people are not aware that the French, when colonizing Viet Nam, brought their love for all things pastry with them.
Chicken Feet. A real bargain at $1.99 a pound. 
Oriental Market
4768 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 
(412) 548-3648

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  1. I was particularly impressed with their selection of Hello Kitty delicacies.