Monday, April 1, 2013

North Hills Food Truck Roundup 2.0

 A great thing happened in the North Hills over the past weekend. Some of the best food trucks in Pittsburgh all gathered in the parking lot of Coffee Buddha  on RT 19 in Perrysville. So let me share some pictures and tastes from the gathering.

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 Fukuda truck was selling Japanese treats.

  The Polish food truck was serving combinations of Haluski (noodles & cabbage), stuffed cabbage, and pierogies. They also had frozen pierogies to go.
 The platter I ordered had 2 stuffed cabbage and three potato and cheese pierogies. The stuffed cabbage was filled with your typical meat and rice filling, but had a nice mild spice to it. The pierogies were tender, and the filling was not at all bland, but had a nice potato and cheese flavor.

 Bakery Treats

 Ice Cream

 BRGR out of East Liberty selling burgers and stuff. Check out my review of their restaurant in East Liberty HERE.

 Franktuary selling hot dogs.

 Oh My Grill selling gourmet grilled cheese with dipping sauces.

 Me and my eating partner ordered the "Number One", the Grilled Cuban, and an order of Parmesan Spinach Balls.

 The Parm Spinach balls were little fritters filled with spinach, parmesan cheese, and lots of flavor. The spicy mayo on top was an excellent finishing touch.

 The "Number One" came with smoked gouda, cheddar cheese,  bacon, and grilled onions. It was accompanied with a potato soup dipper.
 Great sandwich. The cheddar cheese gave a nice bite to the overall savoriness of this sandwich. The potato soup for dipping did not add much, but the sandwich was so damn good, it really did not need it. Honestly I could have ate 4 of these. However they are a little pricy at $7.00.

  The Grilled Cuban came with ham, turkey ,swiss, diced pickle and accompanied with a Mojo dipping sauce. This sandwich was just as awesome as "The Number One". The Mojo dipping sauce is what really pushed this sandwich over the top. It was very complex with flavors of lime, garlic, and herbs. Once agian I felt  the sandwiches price of  $8.00 was a little pricey for its size, but the damn thing was so good I would not hesitate to get it again.

 The Pittsburgh Taco Truck I actually had visited a few days before when it was parked up at the Coffee Buddha. Im glad I did because it was easily the most popular food truck at the roundup and the line was long and not moving all that fast. On their behalf, they do make all the tacos to order which explains the long wait time.

View from the Taco Truck

  This was the menu the day I went.You might think 4-5 dollars for a taco is a little pricey, but trust me they really do use good ingredients and the tacos are loaded to the brim.

 The Korean Flank Steak with Kimchi taco was impressive. The steak was cooked a perfect medium as I had ordered it. The steak had a nice soy/sweet flavor as well. The kimchee added saltiness to the savory steak, The grilled soft corn tortillas struggled to hold all the awesomeness

 The Jerk Chicken Taco with Avocado Cream was my personal favorite. The chicken had been marinaded and seasoned perfectly with jerk seasoning which imparted flavors of allspice, shallots, and peppers. It was spicy hot, but not to the point of setting your mouth on fire.The avocado cream added a mellow coolness to the spicy jerk chicken.

 The 1/3 pound angus beef taco with cheddar and truck salsa was the least inspired of their taco varieties. The ground beef  was a tad greasy and I thought the salsa had a bit too much cilantro. This pretty much tasted like a Mexican hamburger.
 All in all though I was quite pleased with the Pittsburgh Taco Truck and will definitely stop by again soon.

  Fellow food blogger, and very cute taco, Becky was at the roundup as well. Check out her blog at Sabor PGH. It is an excellent blog about the Pittsburgh food scene that you should be reading.

North Hills Food Truck Roundup 3.0 will be happening on April 27, 12:00, at the Coffee Buddha in the North Hills next month. So make plans now for one of the most awesome and tasty happenings in Pittsburgh.

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